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Alaska’s Exclusive Inside Passage

On this sweeping exploration of Alaska’s wild coast, appreciate the opportunity to see and experience the best of Alaska’s southern coastline. This epic and comprehensive cross Gulf of Alaska cruise sails among the temperate rainforests and wildlife-rich waters of coastal British Columbia, and explores the fjords, villages and wildlife of Alaska’s Inside Passage.

Enter Yakutat and Disenchantment Bays, up to the face of seven-mile-wide Hubbard Glacier; and spend a day within Prince William Sound, known for its spectacular mountains and massive tidewater glaciers. Check seabirds and marine mammals off your life lists as you Zodiac, kayak, or stand-up paddleboard among myriad islands that play host to a diverse population of wildlife.

Bear witness to nature’s frozen sculpture garden on a Zodiac cruise through the ice-choked bay of LeConte Glacier. Discover the Inside Passage’s hidden gems such as Pinta Bay and Slocum Arm, and spend a day exploring untrammeled, majestic Prince William Sound. Learn about the rich indigenous culture in the coastal village of Sitka and go ashore at uninhabited Kayak Island where members of Vitus Bering’s expedition of 1741 first landed. Attempt to take in the epic scale of Hubbard Glacier, an endless wall of ice seven miles wide. And encounter the stunning variety of marine life in the Inside Passage, as well as species found in the Gulf of Alaska, such as gray and blue whales, fur seals and the spectacled eider.

This unprecedented one-way cruise from Vancouver to Anchorage could only be made on an expedition-driven vessel like My Lady yacht, which has the nimbleness to navigate the Inside Passage and the stability and raw power to handle the open water of the Gulf of Alaska.

Enjoy your choice of exclusive daily activities including kayaking, paddle boarding or hiking. You will spend the evening relaxing in our spacious, wood-interior yacht, drinking cocktails, listening to music and enjoying the active and larger-than-life Alaska scenery. Your adventure is curated and customized by you and our captain. We invite you to experience the experience of wild maritime Alaska privately aboard the My Lady.

Coastal Alaska Itinerary

The Coastal Alaska itinerary aboard My Lady operates from Vancouver, BC, to Seward, Alaska. Cruise the Canadian and Alaskan Inside Passages, plus Prince William Sound and Kenai Fjords National Park.

Day 1

Embark Vancouver, British Columbia

Arrive in Vancouver, British Columbia and embark the ship.

Day 2-3

Inside Passage of British Columbia, Canada

Navigate northward along the pristine coastline in search of whales, dolphins, bear, deer and other wildlife.

Day 4

Misty Fjords National Monument, Alaska

Wake up to watch the sunrise over the stunning cliffs rising more than 2,000 feet above the deep blue waters of the fjord. Watch wisps of clouds drift down the winding waterway and drape over green peaks while sailing through the mists that give this extraordinary landscape its name. Set out by Zodiac and kayak to get close to the forested banks and the dramatic waterfalls that cascade down the cliffs.

Day 5

Totem Bay and At Sea

Explore the rocky coastline by kayak or Zodiac, and go ashore to beachcomb and discover the fascinating intertidal zone with the naturalists. Set sail on the Sumner Strait, keeping watch for humpback whales and pods of killer whales gliding through the clear water around the ship. Fix those binoculars on the banks of Kuiu Island to spot moose and Sitka black-tailed deer, as well as black bears, wolves and bald eagles that frequent the shoreline in search of plentiful salmon.

Day 6

LeConte Glacier and Petersburg

Today, maneuver past the LeConte Glacier, one of the most active glaciers in Southeast Alaska. Icebergs regularly break off from the glacier face and get caught in this shallow moraine and along the shoreline. Take advantage of spectacular photo ops, practicing tricks and tips from the onboard certified photo instructor. The experienced captain will read the ice and bring the ship as close as possible to the glacier, where all will set out by Zodiac to navigate among these surreal floating sculptures. In the afternoon, visit the small Alaskan fishing town of Petersburg on Mitkof Island, which still retains much of its Norwegian heritage. Stretch the legs with an optional bike ride around town or explore downtown on your own.

Day 7

Frederick Sound and Chatham Strait

These waters are prime areas for both killer whales and humpback whales. It’s not uncommon to observe their fascinating behavior—breaching, tail-slapping and variations on feeding—as everyone fills the deck and listens to the play-by-play from the onboard expert naturalists. If schedules allow, be joined by conservation partners from the Alaska Whale Foundation who will come aboard and speak about the local whale population.

Day 8


This morning, step ashore in Peril Straits in the morning to follow bear trails and salmon streams. The still waters are excellent for kayaking. In the afternoon, explore the former capital—Sitka, Southeast Alaska’s only oceanfront town. Visit the Raptor Rehabilitation Center and stroll the forested trails of the Sitka National Historical Park. Rich in history, the 113-acre park features roughly 20 majestic Haida and Tlingit totems scattered along the scenic coastal trail.

Day 9

West Chichagof-Yacobi Wilderness

Located on the outer coast of Chichagof Island, this wilderness offers a rugged, wave-pounded coastline open to the mighty Pacific Ocean as well as quiet, protected bays and inlets ideal for exploring by ship, kayak and Zodiacs. Western hemlock and Sitka spruce trees blanket the area along with muskeg and river estuaries, creating a rich and diverse ecosystem.

Day 10

Icy Strait and The Inian Islands

Spend today searching for wildlife in nutrient-rich waters where the Pacific Ocean meets the Inside Passage. Options include a Zodiac cruise among the Inian Islands, where an abundance of Steller sea lions reside; kayaking in the calm outer waters of Glacier Bay; or hiking in the lush temperate rainforest where bald eagles dot the canopies.

Day 11

Kayak Island

This uninhabited island is best known as the location where members of Bering’s Great Northern Expedition of 1741 set foot in Alaska. Here, naturalist Georg Steller found a jay now named for him and recorded over 150 plants new to science. Conditions permitting, hope to make a landing to explore this small, jagged island and to cruise by Zodiac near Cape St. Elias and its lighthouse.

Day 12

At Sea and Hubbard Glacier

Start the morning in the Gulf of Alaska, transiting up the coast to Yakutat Bay. The scenery along the way is rugged and beautiful. Be on the lookout for a glimpse of Mt. Fairweather (over 15,000 feet high). Late in the day, enter the bay and head toward the face of Hubbard Glacier. This mammoth sheet of ice is more than six miles wide at its face and is contained within the boundaries of Wrangell-St. Elias National Park. Depending on ice and conditions, possibly head out in the Zodiacs to explore.

Day 13

Prince William Sound

Spend the day exploring majestic Prince William Sound which is filled with glaciers and ringed by the Chugach Mountains. Immerse in the incredible beauty while taking advantage of the best conditions and opportunities that arise today.

Day 14

Kenai Fjords National Park

Wake up in Kenai Fjords National Park, known as an iconic location in the region and, for many, a challenging place to visit. The day will be spent exploring the Kenai Fjords and Resurrection Bay by ship and Zodiac. Throughout the day, be on the lookout for horned and tufted puffins; marbled murrelets; black oyster catchers; Steller sea lions; sea otters; and fin, minke and killer whales who make their summer home in the park.

Disembark Seward to Anchorage, Alaska and Depart

Disembark in Seward and transfer by motor coach to Anchorage for your return flight home.

Inside Passage Dates and Rates

June 12 - June 26, 2022

Prince William Sound Cruise

Alaska Railroad Anchorage to Whittier and Embark

At the Alaska Railroad train depot in Anchorage, Alaska, board a glass dome car of the world-famous Alaska Railroad train to Whittier. During this scenic train ride, experience picturesque coastal views of Turnagain Arm and maybe catch a glimpse of feeding beluga whales. As the train twists through the Chugach mountain range, look for moose, bear, bald eagles, mountain goats, glacial rivers, waterfalls and backcountry glaciers. Perhaps the staff will share insights into local history and wildlife along the way.

In Whittier, disembark the train and meet the my lady crew, who will assist with luggage on the short walk to the yacht. Embark the My Lady, settle into your cabin and depart on an amazing Prince William Sound cruise.

Day 1

Alaska Railroad Anchorage to Whittier and Embark.

Day 2-4

Explore Prince William Sound

Each day after a hearty homestyle breakfast, explore the western seas and fjords of Prince William Sound. Visit places like Esther Passage, Kings Bay and Resurrection Bay. Take in Harriman Fjord’s calving Surprise Glacier, Nassau Fjord’s calving Chenega Glacier and Port Bainbridge’s massive Bainbridge Glacier.

Each day, choose sea kayaking, hiking, beachcombing, or simply relax on board. The ship’s flexible schedule enables easy wildlife viewing. Experience roaring waterfalls and an abundance of wildlife. Cap each day with an epicurean dinner and tuck into a secluded, quiet cove to anchor for the night.

Day 5

Wild Card Exploration

Day 6

Disembark Whittier, Alaska Railroad to Anchorage and Depart

Arrive back in Whittier during the last day of this Alaska glacier cruise. Take time to explore this small quaint town. Maybe tour the Prince William Sound Museum, walk the waterfront, or enjoy a coffee before boarding the evening train for a different scenic route back to Anchorage, where the trip comes to an end.

Kenai Fjords National Park Cruise

Alaska Railroad Anchorage to Seward and Embark

After a scenic and exhilarating Alaska Railroad train ride from Anchorage to Seward, ranked as one of the top 10 train rides in North America by National Geographic Traveler, be greeted by the ship’s crew to help take bags for the short walk to the My Lady yacht. Settle into your stateroom aboard and enjoy 1-2 hours of free time to explore the coastal town of Seward with its historic downtown shops and services.

The yacht’s lines are then dropped and she’ll make her way toward the Kenai Fjords National Park, through Resurrection Bay and into Eldorado Narrows. Here, witness beautiful ice-capped peaks, sea caves, humpback whales, sea otters, nesting sea birds, Dall and harbor porpoises, orcas and grey whales. Watch barking sea lions bask in the sun atop the pillow lava ledges. Pass by Cape Resurrection to look for grazing mountain goats and thousands of marine birds including pigeon guillemots, cormorants, murres and black-legged kittiwakes.

Day 1

Alaska Railroad Anchorage to Seward and Embark.

Days 2-4

Explore Kenai Fjords National Park

Cruise into dramatic Kenai Fjords National Park, shaped by ancient ice. Visit the glacial fjord Aialik Bay with its diverse shore and visit two or three major glaciers. Valleys, high mountain peaks and pleasant lagoons make a scenic backdrop. Observe sculpted rock arches and beautiful cascading waterfalls. Maneuver around floating icebergs with lounging harbor seals.

Pass by the Chiswell and Harbor Islands, an Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge, for premier viewing of the largest seabird concentration on the Kenai Peninsula including thousands of horned and tufted puffins nesting in 500-foot tall sea stacks. A vast population of Steller sea lions inhabit the rock ledges.

Pass through the narrow and scenic Granite Passage. Witness the roar and loud echo of the calving Northwestern Glacier as brilliant blue glass icebergs float gently around the yacht. Crackling ice, pristine air, vivid blues and grays, and ancient carved glacial rocks all tantalize the senses. McCarty Peninsula, Nuka Bay and Taz Basin are other remarkable and remote areas on the ship’s route. Watch for gorgeous humpback whales and orcas on this spectacular Alaska sightseeing cruise through Kenai Fjords National Park.

Day 5

Wild Card Exploration

Day 6

Disembark Seward, Alaska Railroad to Anchorage and Depart

Arrive back in Seward during the last day of this Kenai fjords National Park cruise. Enjoy free time prior to an evening train departure, to take a stroll through the historic downtown of Seward and check out local handmade gifts and Native art or even tour the Alaska Sealife Center. Board the train for a scenic ride back to Anchorage, where the trip comes to an end.

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